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    Volunteer System

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    Our work in numbers:
     The number of volunteers:
    -       450 aktive volunteers who are present in Caritas programs on a daily basis;
    -       200 volunteers who can be implicated ocasionally.
     Tended: more than 4 500 patient or poor children, old and sick people who can't leave their home, needy families.

    Colleagues of the Volunteering Program Caritas Alba Iulia:
    Leader: Molnár Judit
    0741-328.211, judit.molnar@caritas-ab.ro
    Volunteer coordinators:
    Fekete Gyöngyvér (Tirgu Mures)
    0735-735.163, gyongyver.fekete@caritas-ab.ro
    Tőkés Beáta (Tirgu Mures)
    Molnár Szende (Odorheiu Secuiesc)
    0732-830.171, szende.molnar@caritas-ab.ro
    Kocsis András (Tirgu Secuiesc)
    0735-735.166, andras.kocsis@caritas-ab.ro
    Molnár-Aczél Zsuzsánna (Sfantu Gheorghe)
    0735-735.165, zsuzsanna.aczel@caritas-ab.ro
    Tankó Gabriella (Miercurea Ciuc)
    0735-735.168, gabriella.tanko@caritas-ab.ro
    Tatár Előd (Gheorgheni)
    0735-735.164, elod.tatar@caritas-ab.ro