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    Emergency programs

    “Hope where there is hardly any reason for hope”

    Sebastien Dechamps from Caritas Belgium is in charge of humanitarian aid programs in Syria, including the program co-funded by Caritas Romania in the coastal region of Syria. In June Sebastien Dechamps visited Syria. After his return, we talked to him to learn more about the situation in Syria, the work of Caritas and his own impressions.

    Caritas Romania: How is the situation today in Tartous (city in the coastal area, where the Caritas Romania co-funded project is implementd)?


    The goal of the program is to increase the capacity of readiness in case of natural calamities, in order to be able to help amend the consequences of these, to help reconstruct the families affected. Another goal is prevention: organizing and instructing groups of volunteers in the regions that are is a high risk zone.