A box of love

For me, it’s always a nice experience to write about the shoebox action. Love always flows through my soul and I am very happy to be part of such a wonderful event. The shoebox action is one of my favorite activities every year.

These boxes are not just empty, worn-out cardboard boxes, but they contain treasures. Values that contain love and kindness, and that can bring joy to the hearts of countless little children, which is why sometimes all it takes is a little box of love to bring happiness.

This is a unique event that always brings back special feelings for me. And when I look back, I can see my peers laughing, sharing experiences over a hot cup of tea, a delicious cookie, being filled with love and attention. And perhaps this moment gives us a chance, in this rushing world, to stop for a moment and listen to each other, to the needs of others, and to do our best to put a smile on the face of at least an adult, a child. While everyone was rushing around me, I stopped for a moment and just paid attention. I saw the looks in the eyes of my peers, the sparkles in their eyes, and I felt extremely good because I saw the sincerity in their hearts, the desire to do something, and the heartfelt willingness to help, to make some children’s Christmas better, more beautiful. Because it is important that whatever we do, we do it from the heart.

While packing the boxes, a melancholy feeling came over me. I remembered that when I was a child, the priest used to surprise us with a small shoebox on Christmas Eve. I saw a little child in front of me, and in her I found myself. With sparkling eyes and childlike curiosity, eager to see what was inside the little box. As the holidays approach, we think more and more about family gatherings, cozy moments, fragrant cookies and presents, but unfortunately not all children have the chance to enjoy all this. However, I feel that they deserve Christmas as much as anyone else. I know that this Christmas, too, there will be many little children like me who will open their little shoeboxes with grateful hearts, teary eyes, with the infinite joy of childlike desire and with great longing. And with each unpacking, my heart will be a little richer, with a child’s smile.

Christmas is truly about love, about being able to love unconditionally, to forgive the one who is really important to our hearts. I would like to end with a quotation that is dear to me: “…not in snow or stars, sweet loaves which to the feast pertain, or fancy trees be Christmas felt, but in their hearts be in the main.”

To whoever receives the little shoebox, I wish you everlasting love, happiness and hope, so that Christmas can be in your heart every day of the year.

Written by: Abigél Annamária Tamás, volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer