Concatenation XIII. – Through three lenses

This year’s first Concatenation-weekend of Caritas Alba Iulia’s Volunteering Program was built around the method of playing.

The newbie
“My first Concatenation was the one that took place in Odorheiu Secuiesc in between the 4–5th of March. It went very well, I got to know volunteers working in other regions, and also met some of the same old faces. I learned a lot, and we were talking about playing, since this was our main topic. We were given assignments, so that we can deepen our knowledge. We talked about methods: how is it good to play with kids, how to choose and prepare age-appropriate toys for them.

I’m studying child nurturing, I learned a lot over the weekend and I will be able to implement this knowledge in my schooling, during internships, and later in my work, in order to achieve my goals.” (Andrea Crivăț)

The returner
“As the restrictions caused by the pandemic eased, the XIIIth Concatenation of Caritas’s Volunteering Program got organized. The programs took place in Odorheiu Secuiesc, where we got accommodated too, in a dormitory. During the two-day program, we participated in interactive sessions and watched presentations that will help us with our volunteer work. These were led by our volunteer coordinators.

In the evening, before going to bed, we had optional evening programs. We could choose room escape, bowling, movie-night or ice skating. The next day, before leaving, we blessed each other with good wishes until we meet again.” (Boróka Bereczki)

The organizer
“As a volunteer coordinator, I was able to organize my third Concatenation in March, during which I had the opportunity to meet new volunteers working in another regions, and delve into other interesting topics. The theme of our XIIIth Concatenation was PLAYING. Thus, in all capital letters, as it is a universal and yet innumerably transformable method, that can be used for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

Might be the theme, but we closed the occasion with joy. I am grateful for meeting new volunteers, for facing the challenges of another great topic together and for being able to complete them successfully. I thank all the volunteers who took part in the Concatenation with joy and dedication. See you next time!” (Szilvia Gáspár-Sali)

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