Easter, 2016

“If you do something for world peace, go home and love your family” – writes an unknown author. When Jesus conquered death and appears to his apostles, He shows himself to his inner circle, his family and gives them His peace. He spreads upon them Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Peace, and so open them to Pentecost.

This is extremely important because Easter in our lives go only in fulfillment when the Pentecost comes. However, this can only happen if each individual receives the Spirit of Peace, wich the Risen Jesus breathes upon us. Easter is really in our life only when we recognize the Risen Lord. The annual will meet at Easter in us the true, inner peace we all desire from deepest heart. This peace annihilates unnecessary fears in our hearts and leads us to Resurrection of God who lives in us. 

This joy and peace we wish at Holy Easter Holidays!