Every little bit counts

I think the whole team was looking forward to Saturday, when another teambuilding day took place. Everyone was sleepy in the morning, but also excited as there were lots of new people joining the volunteer team and we were looking forward to meeting them. That’s why these events are so good, because we get to know each other, meet old friends and have a good chat.

The day was divided into three parts: getting together, working together and getting to know ourselves. To kick-start the day, we played get-to-know-you games as there were lots of new faces to meet. We learnt about greetings from different cultures and answered interesting questions for each other, such as: if a book was about our lives, what would the title be, who had a teenage role model and who could imagine themselves as a character in a certain book. The preparation of a survival kit for shipwrecked people was also an important part of the project, which taught us to think as a unit and to make compromises. During these sessions we were introduced to several different games and topics, all of which helped us to form a harmonious and well-functioning team, as this is an essential characteristic in volunteering.

There were also more difficult tasks, where it was important to listen to each other, to concentrate and to have patience in order to achieve the goal. Here not only do we have a good time, but we also learn a lot about the people we work with. For example, we can find out: who has certain strengths, who thinks the way we do. And maybe we will look at things differently afterwards. For me, the favorite activity of the day was making a promotional video. Since we’re involved in volunteering, we are those who can perfectly explain and show what the job is all about. Not only did we prepare it for a good cause, but we also laughed a lot and talked a lot, which brought us closer and made us real friends. After a well-deserved lunch, these videos were presented so that we could see the work and creative ideas of others. It was obvious that everyone had put their heart and soul into it, went out there and made the most of what they had.

The second half of the day was about reflection and turning inward. We associated colors with feelings and experimented with them. It was interesting to see how varied and unique images were created from the same basic colors. It made me think about how complex we are. And even though the base is the same, the end result will be different, because we are created differently. At this point, everyone could quietly, calmly, put themselves first, to express themselves and to find out what volunteering means to them. Those who have been with Caritas for a long time were able to talk about what they have developed, how they first came and what formative experiences they have had, so that new members can see what they can expect.

Altogether, it was a meaningful and rewarding day, like all such events we have the opportunity to participate in. I can definitely say that it will be worth attending such events in the future, as they always have something new to offer to all of us.

Written by: Eszter Makkai, volunteer
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer