Get Up and Sing!


The Superar Children’s Choir of Caritas Alba Iulia will perform in the Main Hall of the National Theatre Târgu-Mureș on the 2nd of May, Monday, at 4:45 p.m. This time, the choirs of eight Transylvanian settlements will present a concert together, in order to jollify people.

GET UP AND SING! – this is how our children`s view of motivation sounds, the encouragement that will be expressed through songs. The children will be accompanied by three consecrate artists: Ila Gábor, Molnár Ede, Vaughn Roberts.

It’s inevitable that everyone will face challenges in their lives. How we deal with these challenges can make a big difference to our happiness.

The lyrics “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down” are the inspiration for our concert, where we focus on what motivates us to ‘get up again’, to move forward and to learn from life’s challenges.

Join us for a journey through songs that remind us of life’s motivations: family, meeting new people, working together, resting and recharging, having new experiences, looking forward to celebrations, and of course, the simple pleasure of singing.

Come to our concert and celebrate with us some of the things that drive us all, no matter where we come from or how old we are, to get up each morning and go to bed each evening smiling.

The Superar Children’s Choir of Caritas Alba Iulia

Access and pre-registration
The access to the concert is free, but a pre-registration is needed HERE or by calling this number: 0726 163 233.

The main partner of the event is the National Theatre Târgu-Mureș.

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