One Million Stars

Caritas organizes traditionally in every October the event entitled “One Million Stars for Solidarity”. Last year the pandemic situation forced us to retreat into the virtual space in order to protect our health and we must remain online this year, too. Because of this, it is even more important for us to express our solidarity with the needy. Even though we cannot be physically present to enlighten with candles a public space, we all have the possibility to light some candles in our homes, to place them in our windows and to express our solidarity through these symbolical gestures. We can help them by donating, indeed.

This year’s donations will be used for the needy in our care. Your offerings will help the better supply of a disadvantaged child, a young person with disabilities or a sick elderly.

For example:
15 RON / 3 EUR is enough for a hot meal,
60 RON / 12 EUR is enough for an hour of home care,
90 RON / 18 EUR is enough for a developmental therapy session,
130 RON / 26 EUR is enough for a one-day care in a residential center.

Thank You!

Guide for online donations via card. Please, find the donation platform at the top of the page, in the right corner.
– Once you have chosen the currancy (RON or EUR), you can select a predefined or other amount of money of your choice.
After entering your name and email address, you can choose to remain a PUBLIC or an ANONYMOUS donor (see the list of previous donors >>>);
– the TO PAYMENT button will take you to the Transilvania Bank’s payment interface, where you can safely complete the donation by entering your credit card details.
The bank will withdraw from your card the very same amount of money you intended to donate, there is no service fee;
– both our organization and the bank will keep your data confidential and will not provide it to any third party.

October 10, 2021


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