Child development

We play a gap filling role in developing children with special needs and supporting their families.

Children, who have mental disabilities and/or activity limitations, Down syndrome, autism, are endangered in forming developmental disorders or live with different type of injuries to the nervous system, benefit in individual therapy activities in many of our developmental centers.

Due to our professional competence, we can help children in improving the quality of their lives and in exploiting their opportunities to the maximum!

One hour of therapeutical development session costs 90 RON.

We cover 40% of the therapeutical development sessions by applying for national funds, 35% by applying for international project grants, but we have difficulties with ensuring the last quarter, especially in case of families with low income, who cannot afford it as their overhead cost.

You can support the therapeutical development sessions of children with special needs by donating any amount you wish.

You can also donate through our bank accounts with the observation “Dezvoltare copii”:
RON – IBAN: RO51 BTRL RONC RT05 4732 5701
EUR – IBAN: RO98 BTRL EURC RT05 4732 5701
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April 25, 2022


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