For the victims of the Ukrainian war

We support our colleagues from Caritas Ukraine spiritually, mentally and through actions in these extraordinary times, when they take huge efforts in order to help the Ukrainian people in trouble. Thousands of people, especially women and children, cross the Ukrainian border every day, searching for security and shelter for their families. At the moment civiliens, NGOs and volunteers in an adequate number from the borders are able to provide food, shelter and other necessities for the refugees. We consider, that right now and on long term the most effective way of helping is money donation.
Please, support the Ukrainian people!

The money raised here will be sent to Caritas Transcarpathia in Ukraine, and through them we will support those who remained there, internal refugees, and return to peaceful life.

You can also donate through our bank accounts:
RON – IBAN: RO51 BTRL RONC RT05 4732 5701
EUR – IBAN: RO98 BTRL EURC RT05 4732 5701
Asociația Caritas Alba Iulia
Banca Transilvania

Thank You So Much for Your Help!

Guide for online donations via card. Please, find the donation platform at the top of the page, in the right corner.
– Once you have chosen the currancy (RON or EUR), you can select a predefined or other amount of money of your choice.
After entering your name and email address, you can choose to remain a PUBLIC or an ANONYMOUS donor (see the list of previous donors >>>);
– the TO PAYMENT button will take you to the Transilvania Bank’s payment interface, where you can safely complete the donation by entering your credit card details.
The bank will withdraw from your card the very same amount of money you intended to donate, there is no service fee;
– both our organization and the bank will keep your data confidential and will not provide it to any third party.

February 28, 2022


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