Intercultural event for children in Hărţău

Between the 18th and 22nd of June 2016 we held an intercultural event for the children of the village of Hărțău in the Pănet parish Mureș County: over a five day period the primary school-children of Hărțău and Cuieșd explored the world of tales, sang, danced,  painted pictures and participated in various interactive activities. The quality of these games and programmes was maintained despite being conducted in three languages!

Learning how to communicate and live together without conflict can be essential for community members comprised of different nationalities.

“There are not too many contact points between Romanian, Hungarian and Roma children, but this is a good opportunity for them to be together, to play together.” – Izabella Bodó

“The language of games is the same in any language.” – Ibolya Barabási

The intercultural programme culminated in an exhibition of the children’s paintings and handicraft accomplishments, the parents being deeply moved when their children presented the songs and dances that they had learned. In the end each child went home with photographs taken during the week, parting with the following words:

“Mişto sam aniec than. | Jó volt együtt. | A fost bine împreună.” [It was good to be together.]

Many people helped us to organise programmes for the children: 
Ibolya Barabási Sikó nursery teacher, Ildikó Magos school counsellor, Éva Lukács volunteer, Enikő Szabó nursery teacher, Anna Csiszér primary school teacher, Loránd Lukács volunteer, Melinda Székely volunteer, Klára Pitó volunteer, Miza Rostas volunteer, Bruno Lacatus volunteer, Katalin Kelemen volunteer and Kinga-Izabella Márton volunteer. We would like to thank them for their support.

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