New European trends in senior development – Methodology handbook

The publication contains methodological materials aimed at the physical, mental and cognitive development and social involvement of seniors. The individual methods were shared by the members of the partnership within the framework of the “New European Trends in Senior Development (No. 2019-1HU01-KA204-061246) Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project. The goal of the project was not only for the partners to share their good practices through learning activities, but also to develop a common, innovative training material based on the experience. As a result, this methodology collection was born. Together with our partners, we prepared this material, because we believe in the usefulness and success of the described methods, and our experience gathered over the years also shows that it is worthwhile to deal with our mental and spiritual well-being, the constant training of the brain and the maintenance of our physical condition in old age. The program fits well with the mission of the organizations of the partnership, as we all believe in the idea of ​​lifelong learning, that learning processes are needed in any age group, geographical location or life situation. We have compiled the material for those who deal with the elderly or want to deal with them and are open to learning about new methodological possibilities, and who also believe that the constant use of their bodies, their thinking, keeping them in motion, experiencing creativity or encounters between generations contribute to mental, spiritual and to maintain physical health.

Dr. Szücs Márta Zita
Project coordinator
KIFE, Hungary

The English handbook can be downloaded here.