Playground inauguration at Şimoneşti

Our community coach colleagues started working in Şimoneşti almost one year ago to facilitate the local communities’ development. One of the problems in the village was the lack of space/place for children where they could play, meet each other, create friendships and  develop their physical conditions in a healthy and safety surrounding.

The realization of the playground was made possible with the support of numerous local institution, enterprises, parents and other people from the village. The were people who helped by providing materials, expertise or their free time. 

The results of the two months’ long work were presented in 15th of September, with the participation of children from the kindergarden and the school. At the event they had the possibility to take posession of playground. The chute and the little painted house with fairty tale characters had the greatest success but the swings, the seasaws and the sandpit did not remain empty either. 

Here you can see the pictures: Gallery

Thanks for everyone who helped in realization os playground in any way!

Thank you: 

Barabás Lilla, Biró Réka, Figur Mátyás, Forgács Csaba, Forgács Sándor, Gábor Gyöngyi, Gábor Levente, Gyerkó Csaba, Gyerkó Éva, Györfi Enikő, György János, Illés Zsolt, Ilonka Róbert, Ilonka Viola, Joó László, Kalányos Dénes, Kozák Petre Mihály, Lakatos Erzsébet Ilona, Lakatos Ida Enikő, Molnos Margit, Péter Levente, Péter Sándor, Ráduly Domokos, Ráduly Gyula, Szász Lajos, Szász Miklós, Szengyörgyi Tünde, Tamás László, Zakariás Demeter Klára, Zakariás Klára