From the savings the project was extended till 31st of January 2017!

Th savings will be used for to continue the activities and implementing some new activites during this three months:

– exchange experiences for the stakeholders from the three selected community;

– intercultural programmes for children in Panet;

– “Family Days” in  Şimoneşti;

– after school for 24 children form the marginalized community in Ojdula.

The project „United Networks – integrated initiative for the social inclusion of marginalised communities” continues to support the fight against social exclusion among children and youth within disadvantaged communities (including Roma communities) in Mures, Harghita and Covasna counties between the 1st of May – 31st of October 2016, through developing the social infrastructure in the field of social inclusion. The extension was made possible through the PLUS funding facility, implemented under the RO10 Programme financed through EEA Grants.

The activities funded by Plus funding facility aim to:

  • Provide a sound basis for the process started through the project with the goal of developing the existing social infrastructure
  • Provide a sound basis for the sustainability of the created networks, as well as for the social intervention
  • Providing a response to the needs and interests expressed by the 21 local authorities involved in the project

Between the 1st of May – 31st of October 2016 the following activities will be continued:

  • Regional Forum
  • Operational County Networks
  • Social intervention in Pănet (Mureş county), Şimoneşti (Harghita county) and Ojdula (Covasna county).

In order to address the needs and interests of the 21 local public authorities and members of local communities involved in the project, new activities will be implemented:

  • Development of case studies on social and economic situation of the 21 administrative units included in the network United Networks
  • Consulting activities for LPA’s in identifying and accessing funds for projects
  • Organizing and conducting a seminar on social economy for local government representatives involved in the project
  • Organizing an Intercultural Summer Program for Children for 90 children

These activities will have a positive impact on the processes of the networks and the social intervention, providing a sustainable basis.

The partnerships with Babeş Bolyai University and the General Directorates of Social Assistance and Child Protection Mureş, Harghita and Covasna. A new partnership was created with Caritas Norway, being responsible for organizing and implementing a seminar in the field of social economy.

Through the additional funding the number of beneficiaries of the project raised from the number of 340 to 505.