Profession-seeking in the Find Your Way

The aim of the profession-seeking program in the Find Your Way to the World of Work project is to introduce different companies, workplaces and work environments to our mentees who are about to start their careers. The latest stop of the Profession Safari took place on the 19th of March in Gheorgheni. Below is the report of Levente Garai-Balázs, youth mentor.

We had planned to visit two companies today. We went with a group of boys, all nine were graduates. The first company, Modus Vivendi, is in metalworking. Here we saw a computer-controlled plasma laser cutting machine that cuts any shape from metal sheets of different thicknesses, as well as an intelligent, also computer-controlled machine which bends in 3D, a welding robot etc. The manager said he is open to hire at least 3 young people who wants to work there in the long run. He also announced the terms and clarified the payment options.

It was a real experience for the boys: the modern, clean workshop, the machines worth hundreds of thousands of euros…

The second company was the construction site of Tig-Rad, a former residential building in Ditrau (near Gheorgheni), a future school building. This is a large, old, beautiful building, under inside and outside renovation. A general construction manager and a local foreman described the phases of the work. There were several boys who had already worked with these kinds of things, but now they heard about new things, professional procedures, techniques they didn’t know about. The “human” treatment was new, meaning that it’s forbidden to make fun of the newcomers.

It is also attractive, in addition to the pay, to work only four days a week in summertime.

From here we moved to another site where we could watch the demolition of an old house so that it would be rebuilt as a country house in another location – from the same material, in the same style.

The young people also asked a few questions, but more importantly, they heard encouraging and specific information first-hand and met an acquaintance they knew was “cool” and worked there. That is, “if it’s good for him, it can’t be that bad.”

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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