Chance for a better future



Summary of project results:

The Social Assistance Project of the Caritas Association, “Chance for a Better Future”, tackles the current lack of services for children in difficulty aged 6-14 from the city of Sîngeorgiu de Pădure and the villages Bălăuşeri, Fântânele and Ghindari. The implementation of the initiative was necessary due to the problems faced by the children of these regions, namely: financial difficulties, a high level of absenteeism and the negative influence on their development caused by absent parents, all of which can lead to social exclusion.

The goal of the project was achieved; we have succeeded in strengthening the child-parent-teaching staff-local institutions relationship; we have contributed to the enhancement of access to social and basic services, and provided these services for children in difficult situations, striving to prevent their social exclusion and laying the basis for long term social inclusion. Four social centres were created, providing social services for individuals and groups totalling 171 direct beneficiaries and 365 indirect beneficiaries over an 11 month period.

In order to achieve the intended results, we performed the following activities:

– the creation and endowment of social services in order to enhance access to social and basic services in Sîngeorgiu de Pădure, Fîntînele, Trei Sate and Bălăuşeri.

– the provision of social services aimed at enhancing children’s adaptation to school-type activities and the development of social, emotional and cognitive competences,  all these three contributing to their individual and social integrity. We had 171 direct beneficiaries and 365 indirect beneficiaries.

– the organisation of workshops for parents, which developed their key parental competences in educating and raising their children. We organised 20 workshops with 50 participants.

– the organisation of training courses for the teaching staff, (number of beneficiaries: 23), which helped them better understand children’s difficulties and the relationship between teaching staff and children in difficult situations. This has led to improved family life.

– the elaboration of an evaluation study of the social problems faced by these communities, and elaboration of a local social strategy-action plan that has laid the foundation of measures for preventing the social marginalisation of vulnerable groups, thereby enhancing their inclusion in the local community. We elaborated 4 social strategies with action plans.

The resulting enhanced access to social services and the better quality of life for the beneficiaries are the most important results of the project and the greatest change for the main beneficiaries, because until March 2015 children in difficult situations did not enjoy the benefit of such social services.

About the project:

According to the Romanian data from 2014 more than 50% of children are at risk of poverty and social exclusion. This may have several reasons such as financial and social problems, high absenteeism, parents living abroad for work which will have an impact on the quality of life of children and will adversely affect development, leading to social exclusion. The initiative of Association “Caritas – Social Assistance” aims to address to the lack of services for children in need aged between 6-14 in the area of Sângeorgiu de Pădure and the rural areas: Bălăuşeri, Fântânele and Ghindari.

The project addresses these challenges by providing basic social services for these children for 11 months. This is performed simultaneously with the provision of community social needs analysis development, actively involving local stakeholders, developing local social strategy and action plan.

Main activities:

Create and equip 4 social centers in Sângeorgiu de Pădure, Bălăuşeri, Fântânele and Ghindari;

Providing social services according to individual needs:

– psychosocial support for children and their families

– social servicies for groups, occupatioanl therapy, prevention programs, etc.

Thematical workshops for parents;

Methodological training for teachers;

Sensitising campaign in child welfare issue;

Sociological survey followed by developing a long-term strategy and action plan.


Project financed by the EEA grants 2009 – 2014, through the NGO Fund in Romania.

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