Find Your Way To The World Of Work

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


For detailed information, visit the page: The Lead partner is the Autonómia Foundation in partnership with the Spanish Fundacion Secretariado Gitano, the Bulgarian Trust for Social Achievement and Arete Youth Foundations and the Association “Caritas – Social Assistance” Branch of Caritas Alba Iulia Organization.

Estimated project duration: 48 months
Total estimated eligible Project costs (in EUR): 2.673.908,25 €
Eligible Project costs for Caritas Alba Iulia: 605.195,02 €, including 15% co-financing.

The project aims at both sharing the existing broad and diverse experience of the partners as well as exploring new methods and approaches in supporting the equal access to quality education and employment of disadvantaged youth in 4 European countries.

Therefore the transnational knowledge exchange and the joint development of new methodologies, guides and policy recommendations on a European level is a strong aspect. Quality employment is interpreted as legal employment on the primary labor market, in positions matching the educational level of the individual.

The main target group is 15-29 year old economically disadvantaged youth, among them numerous Roma, as their presence among disadvantaged youth is very high in these countries, of secondary school age, with completed primary education. Members of this target group are either students in secondary school with a risk of drop-out, or early drop-outs, NEETs (“Not in Education, Employment, or Training”).

Main project objectives and activities in Romania:

  • Creating partnerships with 3 schools

Influence the functioning of schools to retain disadvantaged students, support their work on lowering early school leaving. Support teachers in strengthening pedagogical tools for integrating disadvantaged students, supporting diversity at school and their skills for career orientation.

  • Professional mentoring and training for 45 teachers

Teachers take part in various activities to broaden pedagogical tools and approaches towards disadvantaged youth.

Activities can take the form of formal teacher trainings, networking among teachers of partnering schools to facilitate mutual learning, sensitizing events to raise awareness of the issues related to the education and employment of disadvantaged/Roma youth.

  • Career orientation and soft skills development for 180 young people

Participants take part in soft skills training to improve skills in communication, cooperation, perseverance, problem solving and reliability, to learn interview technics and develop their CVs.

Hard skill development and various trainings, mostly in the following fields: foreign languages, computer literacy and more advanced IT trainings, vocational trainings.

  • Workshops/trainings/sensitizing events organized for employers/HR experts Regular workshops will be organized to facilitate organizational learning and mutual sharing of experiences, identification challenged of employing disadvantaged/Roma youth, sharing good practices of recruitment and workplace integration processes.
  • A methodological guide developed. The experiences of the project will form the basis of a jointly developed methodological guide.
  • Mentoring manual compiled about disadvantaged and Roma youth.

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.


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