New senior citizen center and a new Home Care Service Center at Sumuleu Ciuc

The aim of the project is to raise the social services quantity in the municipality of Miercurea Ciuc with the construction of a new senior citizen center and a new home care service unit.

In the framework of the project we have foreseen, the rehabilitation and extension of the existing building to a new senior citizen center center of non-functional units of the Central and Eastern European Union. This Regulation does not apply to the Central and Eastern European Central Units.

The investment will result in a 10% increase in the number of elderly using daily the senior center facilities and a 10% increase in the number of patients, beneficiaries, of home care services.

The aging population is a demographic challenge that requires an active response to the current needs of socio-economically vulnerable older people, especially at community level.

Older people without family support are at greater risk of poverty and social exclusion, especially older women. In order to reduce the pressure on the family, the health care system and the residential care system, a wide network of social benefits for disadvantaged older people needs to be created in both urban and rural areas, with innovative and flexible services that allow the needs of the community to be met.

As a result of the project, seniors will be able to spend their free time in a new, well-equipped daytime center. Likewise, a significantly better service will be available to the home care services beneficiaries.

Construction work on the senior citizen center as well as the new home care service unit is currently more than 90% complete. This will be followed by the installation of equipment and supplies, as well as authorizing, after which, hopefully it will be available for use this year.

Projects implementing period: 2016 – 2021
Financial support: Center Regional Development Agency |
Investim în viitorul tău! Proiect cofinanțat din Fondul European de Dezvoltare Regională prin Programul Operaţional Regional 2014-2020
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