Plans of development in the “Jakab Antal” House

The “Jakab Antal” House from Şumuleu-Ciuc, which is administrated by the Organization Caritas Alba Iulia and which offers accomodation and meal for pilgrims, groups, and opportunity to organize conferences, trainings, meetings in well-equipped rooms, is waiting its guests with a renewed identity.

In the near past there were a lot of restorations in the building, and the developments are not finished yet.

From the end of the last year, we managed to replace the windows and doors in one part of the building, now, the guests can enter in new front and internal doors. A part for the windows and doors were changed due to the fond from the project of Pro Educatione Association, from the programme financed by the Ministery of Human Resources from Budapest. The value of the project was 55 600 lei, and the Organization Caritas added to this amount 26 000 lei.

To assure the right security, we managed to install a new security camera system, monitors, alarms and an access control system, a great wireless network, a printer, as well as water dispensers and cashier machines. We bought new bedclothes in the rooms and new plaits and glasses in the kitchen. This costed more than 80 000 lei.

The coffee bar got new furniture, two new coffe machines and new cups with a special design. We managed to make some changes in the restaurant and bathrooms too, to increase the sensation of comfort. Moreover, we introduced an alternative heating system near the gas heating.

The list of investments continues. The plan of development in the period of 2016-2017 contains the cleaning of obstacles in the rooms from the ground floor and the creation of special bathrooms for persons with disabilities. In the ground floor we will change the fenestration too, and we will renew the bathrooms.

Moreover, we plan to whitewash the building on a 9700 square meter area, and to change the floors on a 2800 square meter area.

It is a priority too to clean the obstacles and to the renew the ground rooms, the restaurant and their bathrooms, which costs 79 thousands of euro.

For the thriftiness of the energy, it is important the heat-isolation in the building for the guests, on a 2560 square meter area, and the change of all the fenestration, which all costs together 85 thousand of euro.

We plan to arrange a new room near the restaurant and to renew and conserve a part of the building, named „Kalot”. We will isolate the part of the wall which is in the ground to avoid the humidity and we will change the fenestration. We are looking for resurces from new projects to change the fenestration and to modernize the heating system.