Project Funded by MOL Romania

In 2014 MOL Romania sponsored Caritas Alba Iulia with 12.000 EUR in order to help, on one hand, ill people who are living in poor conditions. On the other hand, the purpose of the project is to offer mobility development for people whose movement is restricted and can’t leave their homes.

Thank you! 

Personal cases:

 We met Mrs. S. Magda in august 2014, after she had suffered a stroke. She lost her senses on the right side of her body and she couldn’t move her right members. The lady who has been self-sufficient, active so far, now she had to rely on her husband’s everyday help. The kinestetic trainers worked out a movement plan for the lady which included daily training with her husband and a weekly meeting eith the specialists. In September Mrs. Magda started to fell her feet, her toes and her fingers.