Projects funded by Vodafone Romania Foundation

Monitoring elderly people and patients with cardiovascular problems at home

This is a project of Organization Caritas Alba Iulia with the support of Vodafone Foundation in Romania. In this way we try to reach and help elderly people who live in rural areas, with poor financial situation, who suffer in cardiovascular disease and do not have the possibility to have recourse to a specialist for medical care.

Telemedicine – the only solution for beneficiaries with heart diseases who live in rural areas
Nowadays telemedicine is recognized and accepted worldwide and it is rapidly developing. It can be the remote monitoring in real-time of medical parameters, storage and transmission of medical data (store and forward) which are then analyzed off-line or it can also be real-time interaction between the doctor and patient, including remote online consultations, medical televisits, electronic communication. Medical information is transferred quickly via phone or internet, with the aim to provide advice, diagnosis and treatment from distance or even to conduct examinations and medical procedures. >>>

Experience in the field of telemedicine at Caritas Alba Iulia
In 2012 we started a telemedicine activity that involves, for example, performing ECG for patients with heart problems or for heart problems exclusion. In 2012 there were made in total 6536 investigations from which there were 1100 ECG recordings and interpretations. In 2013 there were 6209 investigations from which there were 928 ECG records and interpretations. For example as a result we concluded that a percentage of 27.76% of the investigated persons present high values at blood pressure and 31.30% and 29.31% have high cholesterol and triglyceride values. >>>

S. I. is 56 years old, lives alone in the small village nearby Miercurea Ciuc, and the result of his electrocardiogram was that he needs urgently a specialist’s advice because he had heart problems, which he didn’t know. He received treatment from a specialized doctor, and he was very greateful for the nurse’s caring from Caritas, who made the ECG measurement for him. >>>

Cardio Telemedicine at home
A new service launched by Caritas Alba Iulia and the Romanian Vodafone Foundation, under the “Mobile for Good” program, at the 29th of October 2014 in Miercurea Ciuc. >>>