Safe start for a safe future

The Safe start for a safe future – Integrated social assistance services for marginalized families with young children project is funded by Norway through the Norway Grants Fund 2014–2021.

For detailed information, visit the next pages:, and The project promoter is „Caritas – Asistență Socială“ Filiala Organizației Caritas Alba Iulia. The partners in the project are the authorities of the communes of Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Zetea, Dealu, Corund, Joseni, Remetea.


Estimated project duration: 24 months
Project venue: communes of Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Zetea, Dealu, Corund, Joseni, Remetea
Total eligible Grant (in EUR): 728.654 €

The project aims to respond to the needs and problems encountered by disadvantaged families raising young children, aged 0-6 years, from 6 villages of Mures and Harghita counties by facilitating the access of these families to quality services, appropriate to their needs, in their communities, in order to ensure the necessary conditions for a safe start in life.

The need to implement this project is based on the problems that are present both at local and national level: lack of social, educational and healthcare services for young children and mothers or poor development of services; the risk of social exclusion, the risk of poverty, health problems and infant mortality. Due to the environment poor in stimuli, the lack of adequate knowledge, the insufficiently developed parental skills and the lack of basic services, the harmonious development of the children cannot be achieved, which can cause a number of other problems: the inability to face the demands of the education system, increasing the risk of school dropout, deterioration of parent-child relationships, the development of delinquent behaviors and the lack of skills development that contribute to an adequate independent life.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of these problems, it is also a real solution to develop services that intervene in the first years of life of children, even before their birth. The project aims to develop an integrated community intervention model in addressing the specific needs of disadvantaged families with young children, the provision of specialized socio-educational services and socio-medical assistance to a number of 60 pregnant women, 240 children between 0-6 years and 120 parents from 6 rural localities. The partners in the project are the authorities of the communes of Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Zetea, Dealu, Corund, Joseni, Remetea, being responsible in recruiting the beneficiaries, ensuring the specialized medical-social assistance services, respectively ensuring the sustainability.


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