Roma voices around the world

From the beginning of October 2019, Caritas Alba Iulia has been participating in an international partnership for the evaluation of projects dealing with the housing and improvement of the living conditions of the Roma people.

Project title: Roma: Housing, Opportunities, Mobilization and Empowerment

The broad priority of R-HOME project is to contribute in fighting against Roma discrimination with a twofold objective: reducing discrimination affecting Roma people, with a particular focus on housing, by a better understanding of the issues and by providing Roma with tools and knowledge to defend their own right, and supporting Roma inclusion into society through empowerment, the promotion and support of their active participation and capacity building and development of Roma and pro-Roma civil society.

Housing, one of the fundamental rights as stated by international law, has been identified as key issue of the project as living in inadequate housing conditions in marginalized areas leads to severe problems in other aspects of life, such as education, employment and health. Overall, poor housing conditions has a negative impact on their integration in society.

As a result of the project, five report films and a documentary were made, highlighting good practices that improved the housing conditions of some Roma families.

Watch the five short interviews with Roma people around Europe:

Meet Liliana in France
Meet László in Hungary
Meet Alex in Romania
Meet Augustin in Spain
Meet Aureo in Italy

Watch the documentary featuring five Roma families talking about their life, aspirations, housing and empowerment:

With English subtitles
With French subtitles
With Italian subtitles
With Spanish subtitles
With Hungarian subtitles
With Romanian subtitles