Running for little shoes

The second-year students from the Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy Department of Babeș-Bolyai University from Tîrgu-Mureș ran for a good cause on the Platoul Cornești on the 8th of October. The students and Caritas Alba Iulia`s volunteers ran for those children in need who visit the organization`s day care center from Sângeorgiu de Pădure on a daily basis. The runners` purpose was to collect enough money in order to buy indoor and outdoor footwear to these children for the upcoming winter. We asked Boróka Bogyó, a second-year student of the Preschool and Primary School Pedagogy Department of BBTE, the main organizer of the event called Run for a Good Cause, about the campaign.

– How many times have you organized the event?

This is the third event of this kind held by the Tîrgu-Mureș branch of BBTE. It was first organized in 2019, then later in 2021. We missed one year, but now we aim to make it happen every year. It is usually held in May, but this year it took place in October. In 2024 though, we want it to be in May, as usual.

– What was the purpose of the run? What have you collected for?

This year, we ran for children in need who visit Caritas Alba Iulia`s day care center in Sângeorgiu de Pădure, in order to collect some money for indoor and outdoor shoes for them to the upcoming winter. We run and fundraise for a different cause every time, because we, as education graduates, believe, it is important to help children in need.

– Whose idea was the fundraising campaign?

I was the initiator of the event, as I am currently the president of the Students’ Council of my university. I think it’s important to revitalize our old events and to create new ones. I’m particularly pleased that we managed to organize our Run for a Good Cause event with nearly twenty of my fellow students. Since this one is our third campaign, I thought, it would be nice to do something new. This year, the surprise was, that the runners who donated, were able to run around the zoo and enjoy the animals and the autumn landscape. I think it was an extra experience for the participants. And we’re already planning our event for next May, because we want to come up with something extra funky for that, too.

– Who could participate?

The event was open to everyone: university students, school kids, middle-aged people and elderly, too. Everyone was welcomed. But as we are university students, we probably managed to involve mostly university students in our event. We advertised the event on our university’s Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as in the Népújság and Radio Târgu Mureș.

– How many people ran in the event and what was the total amount you collected?

About eighty people ran with us, and we’ve collected 2810 RON so far. However, we don’t think this will be enough to buy eighty pairs of shoes, so you can still bring donations or children’s shoes in good condition, in 31-39 sizes. Anyone wishing to do so can contact us on the 0771 618 050 phone number.

– What kind of inner force motivated the runners? What do you think?

I think the runners were motivated by the good cause, because unfortunately the weather was not with us. During the last two hours it rained most of the time, but there were still people who came to Platoul Cornești in order to donate and run.

– Did you run too?

Yes, but not alone. I ran with my friends. We did laps on the Platoul Cornești then in the zoo chatting and in good company.

– How did you encourage the participants?

I tried to motivate my friends, colleagues by saying many times: this is a special event, it’s worth coming, because they can even see the zoo while running.

How fit do you need to be to take part in such an adventure?

What matters here is not how fit you are or how long it takes for you to run a certain distance, but how much you want to get out your dusty running shoes and run for a good cause (in this case for a donation).

The photos are from the organizing team.

Interviewer: Júlia Orbán
Translated by: Orsolya Barabás, volunteer