Saint Elisabeth Charity

According to EUROSTAT data, the risk of poverty and social exclusion among the population in Romania is 34,4% compared to the European Union average of 21,6%. It is shocking that in Romania the risk of impoverishment and social exclusion of children under the age of 18 is 42% compared to an average of 25% in the European Union. According to a 2022 study made by the Salvați Copiii Association, there are 225,000 school-age children in Romania who have never been enrolled in school. The school dropout rate in Romania is 16% compared to the European Union average of 10%. In rural areas, this rate is higher: 26%, and among Roma children it is over 80%.

The majority of these children living in extreme poverty do not receive quality education, experience social exclusion, are unmotivated in learning, leave school early, cannot find a job on the labor market, therefore remain in extreme poverty. Caritas Alba Iulia responds to their needs through its 15 day care centers located in Sângeorgiu de Mureș, Cotuș, Cuieșd and Sângeorgiu de Pădure in Mureș county; in Corund, Zetea, Atid, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Joseni and Remetea in Harghita county; Ojdula, Zăbala, Peteni and Sfântu Gheorghe in Covasna county and in Petroșani in Hunedoara county. In these day care centers our pedagogues provide educational activities every afternoon, after the school hours for a total number of 566 children. Their goal is to keep children in the education system as long as possible, prevent early school leaving, and help them find a job at the right moment. Early school drop-out leads to unemployment, which in turn leads to extreme poverty. We are fighting against this, which is why we consider it important to educate children.

You can be part of our struggle. Your financial donation will be used for children’s afternoon education, for purchasing pedagogical tools and for children’s daily hot lunch. By your offering you can help countless children to finish school, get a job at the right moment, and live a decent life.

You can place your donation in the collection baskets displayed in Catholic churches on the 19th of November, Sunday, on the feast of Saint Elizabeth from Thuringia. You can also send your contribution online, by using THIS donation platform. Thank you!