Counselling for People with Addictions

The aim of the program is to offer counselling and self-help group activities to people struggling with addictions. It also aims to build a network of self-help and the culture of self-help in Harghita county.

• Prevention, informing, forming the public knowledge about addictions;
• Personal and family counseling and consultation;
• Building a network between the different institutions and professionals dealing with addictions;
• Self-help groups for patients and their relatives.

Addicts and their families are difficult target groups to reach to and it is also hard to help them find motivation for change. The project started in Gheorgheni and its area. When it comes to the legal background of addictions the laws are mostly deficient. Due to lobby activities it has been achieved that in the new social law both addicts and their families have been taken into account. Also the care facilities will be modified: it has been introduced that for some target groups (among them the addicts) can get social service with less bureaucracy.