Development of Mobility

The Tenors

The term Kinesthetics can be translated with “art/science of motion perception”. Kinesthetics deals with the following tenors:
 The development of differentiated and cognizant perception of the own movement.
 The development of movement capacity, which means a healthy and flexible use of the own movement in private and business activities.
 The differentiated analysis of human activity via angles based on experiences in Kinaesthetics.
 The ability to use the own movement in contact with other people so they are targeted supported in their own movement capacity and property.

Kinesthetics approaches to these contents in two ways. On one hand it provides instruments and methods to classify and to get to know about the individual experiences. In this way it nurtures the care for quality and differences of movements in everyday activities. On the other hand Kinaesthetics affords cognitive examination with theoretical basics and scientific research. The connection between these two ways represents fascination and innovation of Kinesthetics.

The Effect
Motion is a basic of life. The sensitization of motion perception and the development of movement capacity are able to have a lasting share on humans of all ages in advancement in the terms health, development and learning. Kinesthetics may help to stay agile and independent in seniority, to relieve backache, tensions and other physical pain and also examinations with your own creativity and flexibility (e.g. the exposure to stress) are possible.
The effect of Kinesthetics always shows in a double sense while steering infants, old people, handicapped, patients: The attendants and the people they attend benefit in equal measure from the growing movement capacity. Creating care intervention as an interaction based on Kinaesthetics is not only leading to amazing proceedings at high-maintenance people, but also aids health of the attendance.
In a company it is possible to develop the practical expertise and self-responsibility of staff, but Kinesthetics can also be used as a central element of organisation and quality development.
Kinesthetics wants to aid learning and development processes with respect for the autonomy counterpart to make a contribution to quality of life all parties concerned.

Competence centres, Miercurea-Ciuc, Odorheiu Secuiesc
The aim of the competence centres is the development of motility through kinaestethics for different groups as well as strenghtening relationships, social reintegration, dealing with loss and ergotherapy.

Devepolment of mobility centers:

Odorheiu Seciuesc:

Somorai Jerne

0732-830148, [email protected]


str. Trandafirilor nr. 16C

Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita County

Postal code: 535600

Tel./Fax: 0266-213010


Gáll Gabriella

0734-888432, [email protected]


str. Gábor Áron nr. 22

Gheorgheni, Harghita County

Postal code: 535500

Trainers contact:

Balázs Csilla, Miercurea Ciuc

0732-830061, [email protected]

Samu Etel Imola, Sovata

0747912821, [email protected]

Csiki Cristina, Sărmaş

0732830078, [email protected]