Logistics, CariShop


The purpose of the logistical centers is dealing with gathering the transports, the supplies from abroad and from Romania, depositing these supplies and distributing them to the organizations. We have three logistical centers in Miercurea-Ciuc, Sfantu-Gheorghe and Gheorgheni. The aim of our work is to help and support the needy. If necessary, we organize fundraising for flood victims, disaster-affected people as well.

Each year we help thousands of needy people directly or in cooperation with volunteers, NGOs and parishes. In most of the cases we help those who have difficulties. We also support programs that help children, young or elderly people, people with disabilities. We provide furniture or toys to many schools and play schools.

The chain of stores CariShop is based on the idea of social economy combined with the expectations and economic perspectives of Caritas Alba Iulia. In our shops we work by a new approach, our motto is the following: buy for the needy!

Every year thousands of people buy in our shops and thus they pay less while the money is used to help the needy and develop social programmes: assisting families, developing rural areas, day centers etc. The incomings also covers the personnel and transportation costs. We are in favour of working with local entrepreneurs.