Early development and education

The centre was opened to help develop and educate children from an early age (0-3 years). It also aims to prevent child neglect, to reduce the isolation of families, to offer a parenting. Children coming from a disadvantaged social background come to the centers together with those who were prematurely born, or children who have problems with their social integration.

• Individual counseling: social, psychological, special educational counseling for parents;
• Group activities:
– group activity for new-born babies and small children (ages: from 2 months to 3 years) are mainly playful activities in groups divided by age in order to develop equilibrium, orientation in space, movement ability, social integration skills, thinking, attention, volubility;
– parents’ support group provides with lots of information about the physical and psychological development of their children;
– support group for pregnant women helps the participants to become mothers, provides them with information about the development of the embryo within the mother’s womb, about the new-born baby;
– summer/winter leisure time activities: it provides an opportunity for those who are not familiar with our services to come in and see what we can offer;
– organizing Christian programs for community development.