Family home center, Stremț

The family center is a residential type of housing, its goal is not just to provide care for children, but also to educate and socialize them. The direct beneficiaries of the center are children and young adults who come from families with difficulties. These families do not succeed to assure these children a proper environment for their normal growth and development. The fact that these children live in this center helps their families financially and assume some of their responsibilities. It also prepares children and families to reintegrate socially and as a family.

• caretaking: offering meals, housing and medical assistance;
• educational activities: developing behaviour and communication abilities, education for a healthy lifestyle, first aid trainings;
• counseling in topics such as: individual life, family life, career;
• leisure activities.


Stremţ – Family home center
str. Principală nr. 47, 517745, Alba county
Tel: 0258 848 205
Contact person: Cristea Mihaela, center coordinator
0740 142 547, [email protected]