Other programs

Support group for people with disabilities and their families

Parents can ask help for their everyday problems from specialists: doctors, lawyers, priests.

Chance ball

The Chance program since 2006 organizes The Chance Ball every year in Gheorgheni with the purpose of thanking the help our supporters offered us for maintaining the program. Our aim is also to draw attention that every little help and support can mean a lot for the needy children.

Awareness-raising and Open Days

  We organize Awareness-raising and Open Days every year in May. We’d like to accentuate that even disabled children and young juveniles need friends, understanding and loving environment. their progress is efficient if they are more and more in the community, so they can expirience more and more from the world.

Senzitizing program for school children

During our senzitizing programs we initiate talks with kindergarten children, scool children, teachers about disabled people and their world. We also organize playful activities where children can experience interdependence and assistance.

World Down Syndrome Day

Caritas celebrated World Down Syndrome Day first time on the 21st of March 2012 in Miercurea Ciuc. The Saint Augustin Day Care’s collagues try to make this event more memorable by organizing colorful activites and events. In 2012, 50 persons with Down syndrome celebrated with us, we hope next year we will grow in number.