Caritas School

Home care is one of Caritas Alba Iulia’s main area of activity. We have more than ten years of almost unique and extensive experience in the field. Therefore, our task and duty is to develop an own professional training offer. Social recognition of the nursing profession is important for our organization, we start from specific practical experience and we develop the knowledge building on this. Beside the high professional competence, the main objective of our courses is the people-centered approach of care, where the dignity, autonomy, individual needs and abilities, the person’s and the community’s responsibility get a central role. In addition to home care for the elderly, now we organize other accredited courses in similar fields. Our trainings are such kind of trainings in adult education, which aim to help participants in gaining qualifications in order to receive a job, fill a position, to exercise a profession.

In addition to its accredited trainings, Caritas School focuses also on continuous training of the staff. A number of internal professional trainings and team building trainings facilitate their work.

Accredited courses