The volunteer coordinator group works to open the doors of the organization for volunteers and to help them feel good, find their places and the right job for each one of them. The coordinators stick together the Caritas volunteers in a region, accompany them, assist their work in the various social programs. They are also the ones who organize regular meetings for the volunteers.

Colleagues of the Volunteering Program Caritas Alba Iulia:

Leader: Kocsis András
0735 735 166, andras.kocsis@caritas-ab.ro, voluntariat@caritas-ab.ro

Volunteer coordinators:

Fekete Gyöngyvér (Tîrgu-Mureș, str. Mărăști nr. 36)
0735 735 163, gyongyver.fekete@caritas-ab.ro

Molnár Szende (Odorheiu Secuiesc, str. Kossuth Lajos nr. 18)
0732 830 171, szende.molnar@caritas-ab.ro

Bogdán Beáta​ (Sfântu Gheorghe, str. Kós Károly nr. 11; Târgu Secuiesc, str. Kanta nr. 15)
0735 735 165, beata.bogdan@caritas-ab.ro

Molnár-Csorba Zsombor (Miercurea Ciuc, piața Sfântul Augustin nr. 1-4; Gheorgheni, str. Kossuth Lajos nr. 31)
0735 735 168, zsombor.molnar.csorba@caritas-ab.ro