Volunteer Activity

Volunteering in hospitals
The program entitled „The World of Tales in Children’s Hospitals“ wants to bring joy and colour into the life of sick children in hospitals. The goal of this programme is to help children forget about their illness, to play and take part in the programmes organized by the volunteers. In 2011 we managed to obtain a mobile kit containing games, books and CD players that help the work of the volunteers. In Odorheiu Secuiesc we established a library inside the hospital which can be used by the patients.

Volunteering in schools
This program aims to help children in kindergarten and schools. By involving volunteers in after-school teaching, we try to provide more attention to children, thus they can learn more efficiently. The program is available in five cities. In Targu Mures volunteers work at the local Roma school, in Sfantu Gheorghe they help the learning of children with dyslexia.

Volunteering for the elderly
In many places there is an important issue regarding the alienation of the elderly. Since many of the young people went working abroad, old people have been left alone. The volunteers of Caritas are trying to bring a bit of light and colour into the life of these people. The presence of volunteers, their help, their activities try to break the daily routine and the loneliness. In some places youngsters teach IT skills to the older ones and at the nursing home they exercise together.

Volunteers for the people with disabilities
The aim of volunteering is to be a partner for those who need you. Therefore in Odorheiu Secuiesc we organize support groups for people suffering of cancer. In these groups people get in touch, they can talk about their problems and can give hope and understanding. We also invite specialists to discuss about illness and to get important information regarding this topic.

In Sfantu Gheorghe from May until October we had special dance courses to healthy people and people who use wheelchairs. They danced together, they spent their free time together and they also exercised together. In Harghita and Covasna counties many volunteers are involved in the Guardian Angel program as well.

Caritas groups in parishes
One of the goals of Caritas Alba Iulia and its programmes is to encourage and help parish communities in their charity work in order to step up and take responsibility for each other, their community. Our aim is to offer professional help for those groups in parishes that need it.