Social intervention

We  will support 3 local authorities through a social intervention comprising the followings: sociological survey to assess the social and economic communities; qualitative evaluation of local communities through community work; community and institutional coaching for a participatory and inclusive development; creating an action plan for development and a portfolio of integrated projects aiming to support the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

Community coaching means:

 qualitative evaluation of the three local communities and building trustworthy connections with community members;

 facilitation of creating and implementing the Emergency Needs Plan, containing the main problems and needs faced by the communities;

 facilitation of creating the Local Action Groups

 organizing local volunteer groups, including Roma members;

Institutional coaching means:

 identifying the needs of service providers to be able to provide adequate services for strongly disadvantaged population;

 creating support networks;

 support in making services more flexible, restructuring / reorganization of existing resources and identify new resources to improve access to services for vulnerable groups;

 mapping of local partners;

 mobilizing resources in order to implement the Emergency Needs Plan;  identifying  economic actors interested in social inclusion;

Strategy and Action Plans:

Participative development strategy and action plan for integrated local development and equitable method will be achieved through community led local development. In this process will be attended representatives of local public institutions, representatives of marginalized communities concerned and the local initiative group, private bodies (NGOs, businesses).

Integrated projects portfolio:

Based on the strategies and action plans in the three Local Public Authorities, an integrated project portfolio, containing 10 project, out of which 3 integrated projects aiming simultanously 3 measures related the following fields: housing, employment, health,  acces to social services, education, child, youth and family protection, anti discrimination, community development. Priority will be given to projects that aim to improve the condition of disadvantaged children and youth from the community.