Social pedagogue training

Course structure: 1080 hours – 360 hours theory + 720 hours of practice

Key skills and competencies, which can be acquired during the training:

  • Communication and conflict management, interpersonal communication
  • Understanding the child’s psychosocial development
  • Crime prevention and proficiency in preventions
  • The recognition and assisting of children with learning difficulties
  • Understanding and practical application of game theories
  • Planning and organizing children’s program
  • Deviancies, disability- equal opportunities- integrated education
  • Acquiring legal studies
  • Family, Child and Youth Protection
  • Social pedagogical activity with threatened

Who can benefit?
For those who want to develop their interpersonal ability, are interested in social work, those who are interested on how to handle the problems of childhood and adolescence, and want to find a job in this area.

Requirement for registration: high school graduation