Social research

Creating a map of disadvantaged communities at risk of social exclusion in the three counties form part of the development of strategies, action plans and projects on inclusive and sustainable development at local and regional level. The metodology was prepared by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Babes Bolyai University and it will be adapted taking into account the specific objectives of this project, but the final product will be a public good available for various development actors, facilitating the multiplication of inclusive development projects in the counties concerned. Mapping in the three counties aims to achieve a social profile of administrative-territorial units based on existing data (Census of 2011, admistrative data on the number of families receiving social assistance measures, schooling (including participation in preschool education, medical and social services available).

Through this activity will result: a statistical database of the administrative-territorial units in the three counties, social mapping of multidimensional administrative-territorial units in the three counties in terms of risk of social exclusion (map of marginalization and map resources) and a research report.

Sociological surveys in 3 locations will be conducted to analyze the deeper social and economic situation of these communities selected for the proposed social intervention, based on a comprehensive assessment of the needs and resources of individuals and families in marginalized communities. The method takes the approach and adapted version of the research tools used in sociological inquiry conducted by UNDP and Babes Bolyai University (2012) in Pata-Rat, Cluj and will consist of a sociological research based on anonymous questionnaire applied face-to-face in respondents’ home, covering almost all households. After preparing the questionnaire of the survey, informing an preparing communities to be included in the survey, the recruitment and training of field operators and technicians who will enter data into the software, sociological surveys will start. This activity will provide a final report for each locality and the results will be presented to community members and actors from different areas / levels.