Start your week smiling! – Superar concert in Miercurea Ciuc

Start your week smiling! This Monday the Superar Choir of Caritas Alba Iulia made sure that the participants of their performance did just that.

On Monday morning the children of the small choir waited with excitement to sing at the Harghita County Council, their stage fright disappearing as they started their concert. The choir, led by artistic coordinator Elana Andrews and choir leader Kosztándi Ferencz Kinga, made sure that the joy was contagious in the room. The public of the interactive concert workshop was quick to learn the catchy lyrics, which then they sang together with the children.

After a short rest, the enthusiastic team headed for the Miercurea Ciuc Town Hall , to show the town hall employees what it feels like to be part of a Superar choir. The children succeeded in their mission, all members of the audience sang and danced, the braver participants even played an instrument. Adults and children enjoyed performing together, rewarding each other with applause.

Everyone received enough smiles and joy, plenty to last for a whole week!

The colleagues of Superar Choir of Caritas Alba Iulia have been holding choir and handicraft classes for the children accommodated at the Erőss Zsolt Arena from mid-February. Superar is a social music intervention programme, a creative outlet for the children. Singing and making music together in always in a pleasant atmosphere, filled with smiles and joy.

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György Mária Angéla