Support for the operation of professional training courses

Infrastructural development of the vocational education activities of

The original goal of our application entitled Support for the operating costs of Association  Caritas was the infrastructural development of our organization’s vocational education activities, through investments in different tools that ensure the implementation of quality online and hybrid training. Taking into account the amount awarded during the evaluation of the application, we applied for the operating costs necessary for the educational activities of Association Caritas Alba Iulia – Health and Social Care.

Our goal is to provide quality participatory, online or hybrid education. We provided the costs of high-speed Internet access in Miercurea Ciuc, which is essential for educational activities, using the awarded grant amount. At the same time, since the condition of quality education is the provision of well-prepared instructors, we used the majority of the awarded amount to partially finance the salary costs of 4 specialized teachers, which guaranteed the quality of our courses. The awarded support was a significant help in order to maintain our activities. In 2022 we organised 20 training groups for 362 people within the adult education programme of Caritas Alba Iulia – Medical and Social Care.

The vocational course offer included prpfessional training for following fields: child care, home care, elderly care, medical assistents, social tehnicians, addiction advisers, personal care for severe handicapped persons.  During the year, 5 professional lectors were employed and 12 professional external teachers were involved in our training program. The awarded financial support was a great help in attracting so many trainers, as we were able to use the majority of the support for the salary costs of 4 external lecturers. In 2022, part of the trainings took place in a hybrid form, which means, partly in physical presence and partly online. The hybrid training made it possible to involve different specialist instructors, regardless of residence, which largely contributed to the preservation and improvement of the quality of our training programs.

The professional training activity was supported by the Hungarian Government through the Gábor Bethlen Fund.Application.
ID: NUP-KP-1-2022/1-000169