I am registered at Caritas Alba- Iulia since 2012. I have  56 years old and I live alone, I have both legs amputated. I don’t have the possibility to go to medical specialists. The nurse who comes to me every day, once made an ECG measurement to me. The result of this electrocardiogram was that I urgently needed a specialist’s  advice because I had heart problems, which I didn’t know. I received treatment from a specialized doctor. I was very grateful to the nurse from Caritas, who made the ECG measurement to me.

(S.I., Minsentea – Harghita county)


My name is Ana, I am 92 years old and I live in Zăbala, I live alone in a house made up of a room and kitchen, in modest living conditions.

I’m beneficiary of the home care service starting from 2007. Being a widow for several years I thought to apply to this service at Caritas Alba-Iulia, because I had the diagnosis of chronic ischemic heart disease, so I needed regular monitoring of blood pressure.

Because of my advanced age I need partially the help of my daughter, but she also has her own family and her own life.

Last month, on a Tuesday, when the nurses came to monitor vital functions, I told them, that I didn’t feel good.  They thought to make an ECG measurement. When they contacted the doctor via telephone to interpret the result, he said them to call immediately an ambulance, because I needed medical help. I refused to go to hospital, because I wanted to die at home. Hearing these words, the nurses called the family doctor for help.

After receiving treatment at home I feel better and I can’t stop to thank the nurses from Caritas because they helped me in such a moment.

(R.A., Zăbala – Covasna county)