Thank you for the ADOS instrumental kit!

We are tremendously happy, because we have just received in a huge box the ADOS instrumental kit which will allow the professionals of Saint Agnes Rehabilitation Center of Caritas Alba Iulia to assess and diagnose in time the early signs of autism at little children and start the developmental therapy. We collected donations for this at the 11th Donor Circle organized by the Community Foundation Mureș, we asked for the contribution of our colleagues, individuals, companies and Erasmus+ project. We thank this way to all the generous people, our colleagues, the Community Foundation Mureș, the Erasmus+ project intituled „Health begins in family” and to the companies Best Choise, CHD Pathologia, FarmaMedia, Lateral, Minimax, LGT Proiect, MediQuest, Nodasoft, PharmaImage, Surub Optim for their support.

Júlia Orbán

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