The end of a journey is the start of a new adventure

Our wide assortment of activities is not the only thing that makes our volunteer team versatile; all of our volunteers are unique, irreplaceable and make our community lively and colorful with their personalities.

Part of the team changes from year to year, as we always have new members joining us, but we also have to say goodbye to some of our volunteers from time to time, given their changing life situations. Things weren’t any different this year. Over time, it became a tradition to bid the senior students farewell once they have finished their studies. Nevertheless, they can return to us any time they’d like. What did the last few years mean to them? Szilvia and Abigél reply:

“I’ll always remember my time spent at Caritas, the many great people I got to meet and all the new memories I made. I learned a lot at the events, and I always left cheerful and energized. I’ll be forever thankful for the opportunities, openness, kindness that I always received here. Thanks to all the activities we did together. I improved a lot, I gave a lot, and I received a lot in return: advice, love, friendship.” (Szilvia Izabella Piri)

“Being part of the Caritas team is one of the most defining memories of my life. I became rich in memories, experiences and friends in the past 7 years. I always remember the Get-togethers, the handicraft meetings, the trainings, the summer camps and every other activity we organized for the children with fondness. I can’t put into words on how much personal growth and development I went through. Joining the volunteer team was the best decision of my life. I recommend it to everyone with the warmest regards!” (Demeter Abigél)

Written by: Gyöngyvér Fekete, volunteer coordonator
Translated by: Zsuzsa Kertész