They snuck towards themselves

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

Two artists of the Osonó (=Sneaker) Theatre, Misi Fazakas and Oszkár Mucha, held a self-awareness and team-building workshop for teachers from Odorheiu Secuiesc in Homoródfürdő. The experiential pedagogical training took place in between the 10th–12th of June and it was organized by the Find Your Way to The World of Work project of Caritas Alba Iulia.

In this programme, career orientation specialists, known as mentors, help young people aged 19-25 to deepen their self-awareness, to discover their personal skills and to be able to choose a career. But they are not the only support for young people. They are a solid pillar of the four-legged table, the other three legs of which represent parents, extended family and teachers. Mentors often come together for professional meetings and training sessions to bring a renewed energy and fresh perspective to the lives of those who ask for their help. They also meet parents regularly during family visits, which are a good opportunity to talk about young people in a relaxed atmosphere. They maintain good relations with teachers, too. As a result, students can take part in self-awareness and career guidance activities in school, held by mentors or form-masters.

However, not only career orientation specialists or parents need to turn inwards, process their built up experience and develop a new way of seeing things in order to be able to help young people in a proper way, but teachers too. This is the aim of the experiential education events organised since 2019 by the Find Your Way to The World of Work project, in collaboration with the Osonó Theatre. One such workshop took place last weekend in Homoródfürdő, where one of the participants said: “I was very hesitant to take this course at the end of the school year, but I did very well to pass up. Recharged, engaged in myself, nourished my soul and realized that I need much more me time”.

The members of the Osonó Theatre wrote about the benefits of the experiential education training, as follows: “The Miracle happened again on the weekend. The Meeting, with all its deep vibrations, self-forgetting laughter, curiosity towards each other, self-confrontation and tears. Although teachers from several schools participated, the team was formed incredibly fast. The attention to each other, the depth of thoughts, the seriousness and joy of the game have been created. It was nice to meet such enthusiastic, sensitive and open teachers! Thanks to the participants for coming with us and giving themselves to the trainings, to themselves and each other, and to the Caritas workers in Odorheiu Secuiesc for the organization!

Written by: Júlia Orbán
Translated by: Andrea Árkosi

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