We came, saw, made some movies and would go back anytime!

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

In the framework of the Find Your Way To The World Of Work project we invited young people we regularly carry out self-awareness and career guidance activities at Caritas to participate in a filming camp. Twelve participants came to our six-day camp from schools of three settlements: Mureș, Gheorgheni and Odorheiu Secuiesc. The professional management of the camp was undertaken by Sári Haragonics and her team, while the organisational tasks were carried out by Caritas staff and volunteers who actively contributed to the success of the event with their personal presence.

We arrived in Varság, in a picturesque place, where Sári and her team were already waiting for us. We settled into our accommodation and began to explore what we had only known as “participatory filming”. Unfamiliar people were facing each other and their regional differences: it was a very colourful group. Some of them were loud, but there were funny, kind, silent, brave, shy, active, passive people, too and I could continue the listing. We had the big task of making a team out of the group.

The first time we sat around, there was a deep silence, everyone was listening. Then, after the games that helped us get to know each other, we formulated our expectations and fears about the camp, and set down the rules, our first tangible joint creation was born. Organised into small groups, we were given the first film assignment, then the second, and then the others in turn. We had to come up with ideas and concepts, a short video was made in which we introduced each other. The films were about our present and future plans. We also made a short moovie, a videoclip, some interviews and commercials. In addition to creating, directing and brainstorming, young people were also given the opportunity to learn some technical skills.

It was uplifting to see the journey the participants made as they completed their tasks. The progress was spectacular, especially in teamwork: they got to know each other at noon and worked as a team by the evening. Each task also had an impact in terms of stimulating input and in expressing their opinion. At the beginning, some people did not express their opinion, everything was appropriate that the rest of the team had thought up or wanted to create, but by mid-week they were taking the lion’s share of the tasks. All the teams came up with lot of creative ideas, we did a lot of brainstorming, we discussed and coordinated our ideas and we communicated a lot. We also got to know each other`s hidden talents and abilities better. We experienced what it is like to assert our own ideas in a community, while accepting others`. If I had to sum up the camp experience in one sentence, it would sound like this: we learned about life and we filmed it.

By the end of the weekend, a real team had formed, a real team which members were in tune with each other. We were looking forward to the premiere on Friday afternoon, when we could show everything we had worked for a whole week. We had an audience, friends, colleagues and curious onlookers, and we were delighted! We closed the event with a bonfire – of course – where we could still take photos, have fun, talk and nourish our new relationships.

Thanks for the work of our professional leaders: Sári Haragonics, László Halász, Tamás Szabó Sipos and Barnabás Peszleg.
Special thanks to our volunteers: Csanád-Róbert Kerezsi and János Vajna.
Thanks to all my colleagues for their help: Imola Füzi, Zsuzsa Szabó and Áron Székely.

Written by: Tókos Norbert
Translated by: Andrea Árkosi

Some moovies the young people made >>> HERE

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The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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