When your inner compass is decalibrated…


The weather tried to jerk us around in April, but we couldn`t appreciate its humor. Its lack of humor, actually…

On the 7th day of the month, on a Wednesday, we started off our journey from Udvarhely Seat to Gyergyó Seat, but right at the beginning the weather threw a huge clown cake into our faces. In the morning the sun was beautifully shining through the milky fog that hovered upon the mountains and water reservoir of Zeteváralja. But later we witnessed a dense snawfall, so we could just guess, that the yellow dots and poorly outlined silhouettes of the objects from the road belong to some heavy trucks stuck in the snow. Even the pine trees from the top of the Libán could notice the sleepy snowblowers approaching slowly towards many impatient drivers. Well, we had no choice but to the laugh with April, but in a different way…

Because after our adventurous journey came to an end, we finally met our beloved colleagues and mentees. We were truly happy as always, we come together for the sake of an exciting programme. These occasions are very popular among us. This time we had the chance to meet a professional athlete from Gyergyó Seat and to discuss about motivation with him. We found, that his person and life path underline perfectly what motivation means. He came from a simple, near poor family, studied hard to finish university, he started to work, then he reached world success. His story began in a small village that might hardly be found on the map by many of us in a minute. He shared the youth his experiences, told them about his challenges, difficulties, ups and downs. His energetic, charismatic personality captured the young people’s attention. He encouraged them to work on achieving their dreams and to be persistent. He strengthened his advice in them when he said goodbye.

We had lunch together while discussing the happenings of the day. In this break we goofed off and laughed a lot at an office chair and a partially deflated ball.

After lunch we asked each other playfully, whether we should have a S.Ö.R. (B.E.E.R)? It goes without saying. Doesn’t it?

The next thing we know, we found ourselves in the spotlight, at the auditorium of the `Figura Studio Theatre`, waiting excitedly the beginning of the performance entitled `S.Ö.R.` (B.E.E.R)`. The acronym `S.Ö.R` comes from the expression: `Shakespeare Összes Röviden`, which means: `All Of Shakespeare’s Shortly`. We laughed a lot. This play captured each and everyone’s attention of the `Find Your Way to The World of Work` team. There were people among us, who saw a theatre performance for the first time in their life, but I’m sure not their last. After the long applause the youth had the chance to meet the actors and address them questions. A marvelous chance they took full advantage of. They were extremely curious, wanted to know all. They asked questions about the acting profession and all the related occupations. We heard about many professions that help and complement the acting occupation, but spectators hardly ever knew about them.

On the way home the sun was shining brightly, the melting snow was slowly evaporating from our way. So did the trucks. The water reservoir was quietly glistening in its cleanliness. Capricious April might have realized, that the first day of the month passed a long time ago, taking with it the one-day-permission of being silly. We were talking about the experiences of the day and decided to organize much more similar events, which will entertain and take us into the world of work in the same time.

I would like to thank everyone for the stimulating conversations, the open-mindedness of the performers and the organizing work of my colleagues: Füzi Imola, Mezei Hajnal, Szabó Zsuzsa, Benedek Alexandra.

Written by: Norbert Tókos
Translated by: Júlia Orbán

The Find your way to the world of work project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment.

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