Who am I?

In almost 2 years of volunteering I have not had the pleasure of attending any of the team buildings, so no wonder I was so excited when I found out that the previously cancelled self-knowledge weekend was going to happen after all. For me, it’s always recharging to be around people, especially since this pandemic situation has been going on. It was quite a disappointment when we found out that we couldn’t meet in person because of the restrictions, but I think we had a great weekend together despite that. I’m grateful that it could still be organized under these circumstances.

On Saturday we had a very interesting and enlightening presentation about our daily roles. It was thought-provoking to look at the roles we have to play in our daily lives and the factors that cause us not to live up to expectations. But it was also about the importance of knowing where our limits are and daring to say “no” when taking on a role is beyond us or incompatible with our daily lives.

On Sunday, the topic of boundaries in volunteering was discussed, where we covered a number of important issues related to helping others. We defined how to help the right way and talked about when we can do harm despite the fact that we only want to do good.

Besides the above mentioned, there were other benefits of the weekend we spent together. Even though we were only able to meet in the virtual space, we still had the usual cheerfulness, openness and love. I was able to see old friends and get to know new people, for which I am grateful. In addition, the two days we spent together gave me a number of ideas that could become the key to getting to know myself better.

Ultimately, I am grateful to be part of such a community of open, accepting and loving people. For me, volunteering is about being open, accepting and loving.

I hope we can meet in person for the next team building to spend another wonderful weekend together.

We are grateful to the city hall of Miercurea Ciuc for the support!

Katalin Gergely,

Translated by:
Noémi-Katalin Razman