Youth group in Kishilib from Ojdula

A group of youth Romany people was created and they meet periodically in Kishilib from Ojdula. The room for the meetings is ensured by the Mayors’ office. 

We started with some acquainting games to get to know each other and we continued with coaching activities. 

We educate the young people to have responsibility in developing the community and their future, at the same time we drew attention to volunteering and the importance of social services as well.

They participated as volunteers in some community events as collecting garbage, installing a billboard, organizing summer programmes for children. One they we went together to an excursion to the Kőlik cave which is in the nearest forest and spent a beautiful day together. There were times when we organized a cinema day when watched educative movies with them after that we discussed about the conclusions. 

These young people participate regularly at the meetings, moreover they have the need to get involved into these activities and to spend their free time by making some sports or just to be together. They already planned an ice-skating day for this winter.  

They have the need to know each other better and their history, they like to look at old pictures and to talk about it with elderly people and they would like to understand their community’s past and present situation. They are interested in the Romany people’s history.

It’s a disappointing fact that more from the youth groups’ members already left the school because their parents went abroad for work. Only two of them finished the 12th class one of whom failed the final examination the other one haven’t tried yet.  

Every time we emphasize that it’s their interest to finish the school and pass the final examination but – unfortunately – in this question the parents are not supportive.

In conclusion we can say that these young Romany people are really enthusiastic about learning and developing.

(Péter Szabolcs)