Personal caregiver training for people with serious disabilities

Course structure: 180 hours – 90 hours theory + 90 hours of practice

Key skills and competencies, which can be acquired during the training:

  • Effective communication with the disabled person
  • Collaboration and effective communication with colleagues, with the nursing team
  • Transforming the environment in order to meet the needs of the disabled person
  • Helping the disabled patient to perform everyday tasks with the maximum possible preservation of his/her autonomy
  • Monitoring vital functions of the disabled patient
  • Moving techniques, applying kinaesthetics approaches
  • Helping the disabled person to the best possible integration into the social life
  • Knowing the disabled person’s rights

Who can benefit?
Those who look after severely disabled family member, who have severely disabled relative, or who is an employee of an association which cares disabled persons.

Requirement for registration: this is an introductory training course, there are no requirements