Improving the quality of life of people living in traditional rural areas.

Activities: • movement improvement through kinaesthetics for elderly people and people with disabilities • kinaethethics trainings for nurses, care takers, people with disabilities, family members of the sick and all those interested…

In 2014 MOL Romania sponsored Caritas Alba Iulia with 12.000 EUR in order to help, on one hand, ill people who are living in poor conditions. On the other hand, the purpose…

The “Jakab Antal” House from Şumuleu-Ciuc, which is administrated by the Organization Caritas Alba Iulia and which offers accomodation and meal for pilgrims, groups, and opportunity to organize conferences, trainings,…

The roma community is a disadvantaged group from many points of view. During our work we try to change this attitude towards them.

The Jakab Antal House in Șumuleu Ciuc (Miercurea Ciuc) was opened twenty years ago, since then it has been giving place for several national and international conferences, also for different…

Organizing qualificated trainings to ensure professional work.

Safe and support in the old age for those who are alone and can’t face the everyday burdons.

Kinesthetics provides instruments and methods to classify the individual experiences and affords cognitive examination with theoretical basics and scientific research.

The protection of the family with the values of Christianity.

The aim of our Day Care Centers is developing basic skills such as social skills, speaking, listening, sense of rhythm etc.

Our aim is to make disabled people’s and their families’ life more complete.

At this moment Caritas Alba Iulia has 450 active volunteers.

Increasing the capacity of readiness in case of natural calamities, in order to be able to help amend the consequences of these.

The incoming from these services is used to help the needy and develop social programs such as assisting families, develop rural areas etc.

Our patient care services give solution for bedritten, dependent patients who can’t leave their bed and home and suffer from lack of treatment.